Useful links


World Bank’s World Development Indicators. The most comprehensive free database, with annual data since 1960 on almost everything for all the countries.

IMF data. Higher frequency macro data for many countries (even daily series; some series are since 1900). Also, data on bilateral trade (Directions of Trade Statistics). You can sign up for a 5-day free trial.

World Economic Outlook databasesAnnual macro data since 1980 on many things, including government deficit and debt and oil exports. Forecasts also.

FRED economic data. US macro data on many things. Nice add-in, too, for downloading data straight to Excel.

Eurostat. The statistical office of the EU.

The World Top Incomes Database. Data on top income share for around 30 countries.

The Standardized World Income Inequality Database. The most comprehensive database on income inequality that combines several sources and provides inequality data for ca. 150 countries:

OECD FDI data. Data on bilateral FDI flows from OECD countries.

Historical Public Debt Database. Data on public debt for 178 countries since the 17th century.

Reinhart and Rogoff data. Data on many things, including domestic and external debt and crises.

IMF commodity prices data. Monthly data on prices of oil and other commodities. Also forecasts.

BIS property prices data. Data on house prices data for 48 countries.

World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators. Data on governance and institutions in over 200 countries, since 1996.

Economic Freedom of the World database. Data on regulation and similar things for many countries.

World Bank’s Enterprise Surveys data.

Exchange-rate regime data.

Real effective exchange rates data for 178 countries.

Economic writings suitable for the general audience

Software and codes

R codes on Bayesian Model Averaging: